Intensive Solar Technology Management

The Intensive Solar Technology Management Program prepares the students of today to be the successful solar-technology managers of tomorrow, able to excel in the international marketplace using the solar-technology knowledge .  The Intensive Solar Technology Management  classes develop students' solar business concepts, solar-tech concepts, clean - tech vocabulary, academic skills essential for Clean-Tech Management certificate, and an understanding of American green business systems with concentration on clean technologies, solar technologies for green energy domain. The program it is part of the Intensive Solar Technology Certification and Clean-Technology Certification.

ICTP and Integrative Project

The Interactive Project should involve a real, well-defined business problem or issue in the area of solar-technology. The topic of analysis may be a solar-tech company, government, not-for-profit organization or clean energy industry. The project enables student team members to apply what they have learned through the program to a real business problem or opportunity. It will enable students to gain practical business exposure and to hone their skills in teamwork, intelligence gathering, and analysis, presenting and selling their ideas.Upon completion of the program, students will receive a Certificate.

This program is ideal for:

  • Foreign students that have received their HS Diploma and are looking to prepare for Intensive Solar Technology Certificate.
  • Domestic students that have received their HS Diploma and are looking to improve the knowledge in the area of clean energy and solar technologies. 

Hours of Study at MIM- 120 hours + ICTP ( 24 hours )

Duration- 10 weeks

Breakdown: 4 Course  (30 hours each ) and ICTP (24 hours)


Course/ Unit Title


Fundamentals of Photovoltaic Technology


Advanced Solar PV System Management


Managing a Solar Technology Business 30
Business English & Communication 30

In-Company Training Program (ICTP )


Required TOEFL Score- 450

Cost- $2,400 ( group rate )