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“Having an academic and professional experience in New York is one of the most valuable experiences that a student can ever be given. My internship with MIM was an extremely exciting experience.” - Eric Colnago, Former Student

“Reflecting on my internship at UBS Financial Services Inc. in Manhattan, I can say that it was a very rewarding time and invaluable experience. I personally find it very interesting being an intern while still taking classes and being an active college student. Stepping from one to the other is certainly appealing.” -  Mathias Lamberti, Former Student

New York City


Name: Mateo Bouatta

Program: MBA

Country of Origin: France 

“Powerful, blinding, almighty… MIM has allowed me to enjoy the best city in the world, take classes in the mythical financial district of Manhattan, meet people and students from the whole world and combine this with an experience in a NYC company.”



Name: Patrick Taynton

Program: Six-Month Diploma in Business Administration

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

"MIM is a great opportunity to study MBA level classes in one of the world's most exciting cities, whilst at the same time interacting with students from a wide variety of cultures.

In short, MIM provides a fantastic learning and cultural experience."


Name: Julien Gautier

Program: Six-Month International Business Studies

Country of Origin: France

Manhattan Institute of Management allowed me to discover my entrepreneurial spirit!

By assisting me with finding at internship at Sawhorse Media, MIM provided me with the unique opportunity to learn more about the industries of: Web design, IT development and social media.



Name: Miguel Del Val Saenz

Program: MBA

Country of Origin: Spain

"MIM has added value to my resume and improved my knowledge. The school has also provided me with a very good opportunity to do an internship in an American Company because it enabled us to apply all of the things that we learned at the school in the real world.”



"The program at MIM is excellent. The teachers are very patient and have a great attitude. I have a background in biology, and, for my internship, I worked in medical publishing. It was an excellent opportunity to learn some key skills in my chosen profession." - Anne Pradoura, Former Student



"I came to New York for my 6 month study abroad option with EBS in Paris. New York has been a great experience. I am interested in pursuing a career in the field of finance, and with the help of MIM, I found an internship in the Finance Department of Plus Funds. I worked with the Director of Finance on the monthly report, ratios, databases, and many other areas. My internship has helped me to realize my career ambitions, and I intend to pursue a career in finance. I am grateful to MIM for their help and support!" - Aurelie Gouriten, Former Student