“Having an academic and professional experience in New York is one of the most valuable experiences that a student can ever be given. My internship with MIM was an extremely exciting experience.” - Eric Colnago, Former Student

“Reflecting on my internship at UBS Financial Services Inc. in Manhattan, I can say that it was a very rewarding time and invaluable experience. I personally find it very interesting being an intern while still taking classes and being an active college student. Stepping from one to the other is certainly appealing.” -  Mathias Lamberti, Former Student

New York City

"At arrival, I was completely lost in this huge, powerful, gorgeous city-the Big Apple! While studying at MIM, I was searching for my own place here. I found it and I admire New York." - Ivana, Former Student

"New York is a city of action! It’s fast and full of energy, the best place to be trained for your future professional career. MIM helped me just to do it!" - Natasa, Former Student


"The program at MIM is excellent. The teachers are very patient and have a great attitude. I have a background in biology, and, for my internship, I worked in medical publishing. It was an excellent opportunity to learn some key skills in my chosen profession." - Anne Pradoura, Former Student


"I came to New York for my 6 month study abroad option with EBS in Paris. New York has been a great experience. I am interested in pursuing a career in the field of finance, and with the help of MIM, I found an internship in the Finance Department of Plus Funds. I worked with the Director of Finance on the monthly report, ratios, databases, and many other areas. My internship has helped me to realize my career ambitions, and I intend to pursue a career in finance. I am grateful to MIM for their help and support!" - Aurelie Gouriten, Former Student