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Student Testimonials
New York City
"At arrival, I was completely lost in this huge, powerful, gorgeous city-the Big Apple! While studying at MIM, I was searching for my own place here. I found it and I admire New York." ~ Ivana
"New York is a city of action! It?s fast and full of energy, the best place to be trained for your future professional career. MIM helped me just to do it!" ~ Natasa
"The program at MIM is excellent. The teachers are very patient and have a great attitude. I have a background in biology, and, for my internship, I worked in medical publishing. It was an excellent opportunity to learn some key skills in my chosen profession." ~ Anne Pradoura
"I came to New York for my 6 month study abroad option with EBS in Paris. New York has been a great experience. I am interested in pursuing a career in the field of finance, and with the help of MIM, I found an internship in the Finance Department of Plus Funds. I worked with the Director of Finance on the monthly report, ratios, databases, and many other areas. My internship has helped me to realize my career ambitions, and I intend to pursue a career in finance. I am grateful to MIM for their help and support!" ~ Aurelie Gouriten
"Working in New York is one of the most valuable experiences that a student can ever be given. My internship at MIM was an exciting and challenging job." ~ Clarissa
Study Abroad
"In addition to law, finance, and economics courses, we also took a class dealing with German culture. That was one of the most interesting. We talked about German history, consequences in Europe after World War II, the fall of the Berlin Wall?We visited Siemens Headquarters, the BMW factory (where the 3-series is constructed!), the Pinacothek der Modern (a modern art museum) and celebrated the end of the semester in a Brauerei (beer tavern) at the Hofbrauhaus. We had a great time, even if Munich is a small town. We left most of the fun for Oktoberfest, though!" ~ Xavier Loiseau