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Faculty and Programs
Courses at MIM are taught by professors from universities such as New York University, Columbia University, Pace College, Hunter College as well as by executives working in New York based corporations. The MIM faculty values each student as a partner in his/her own education.
MIM Teaching Approach
On-Site Teaching
Faculty members are devoted to conducting research and promoting progress in their subject concentrations. Professors work with students intensively, both in the classroom and one-on-one, to bridge gaps in knowledge and to complete students' learning experiences.

In addition to academic coursework, students perform internships at American or international companies located in the New York Metropolitan Area.

Study Abroad
MIM's Study Abroad programs provide students the opportunity to study at one of our partner schools for one semester in the fall, spring, or summer and/or for a full academic year. MIM?s partners can be found throughout Europe in the following countries: France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, England, and Spain. The objective of the Study Abroad program is to place students in challenging, multi-cultural environments.

MIM Programs
Six Month Business Studies Certificate
One Year Business Studies Diploma
International MBA
MIM Concentrations
All MIM programs emphasize three concentration areas: Finance, Marketing and E-Business/ Information Technology. Concentrations include coursework related to management, finance, marketing, information technology and E-Business.
MIM is a higher education institution recognized by the New York State Board of Education