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Course Descriptions
Intensive English
This course aims to develop students? communication skills in English, to improve vocabulary and pronunciation and to work on the key language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students? read many selected articles/short stories and are assigned a series of journal topics and essays to write.
Business English
The main focus of Business English is verbal and written communication. Throughout the program, students will actively engage in small group exercises, class discussions, and individual presentations that enable them to practice and receive feedback on speech, pronunciation, and grammar. In addition, business etiquette and appropriate business terminology are addressed so that students may incorporate them in day-to-day business life. Each session provides ample opportunity for students to practice verbal communication skills.
American Business Law
This course focuses on giving the student an insight into the workings of the American legal system as it applies to those doing business in America, or where American law may govern the business contract. Topics include: appreciation of the elements required for formation of a contract, analysis of legal issues pertaining to negotiation of business contracts, appreciation of the law concerning protection of consumers? rights against manufacturers of defective products.
Financial Management
This course is addresses the various financial decisions facing the corporate manager. Topics include: financial analysis of the firm?s current and future financial condition, interest rate theory, time value of money, ratio analysis, efficient management of the firm?s assets, sources of short and long-term financing, risk analysis, introduction to financial theory, bond and stock valuation, capital budgeting, leverage, capital structure, divided policy, and futures options, and swaps.
Students will acquire conceptual knowledge needed to apply generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in the preparation of financial statements and reports. The topics in this course will provide students with examples of the dilemma of balancing the sometimes contrasting objectives of financial accounting reporting. These topics will include recording, adjusting and analyzing accounting information to prepare financial statements. Accounting for various forms of business organizations is discussed. Accounts on the Balance Sheet, starting with Cash, are analyzed for their proper classification and internal control procedures. Students also learn how to prepare an Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, and Cash Flow Statement. Students are exposed to basic principles of Macroeconomics and learn to interpret economic data through these principles.
International Marketing
The objective of this course is to provide students a thorough understanding of how the marketing process works in a global economy emphasizing the operational forces and framework which can positively impact expansion through e-commerce marketing. In addition, students will develop a thorough understanding of the strategies available to the marketer.
Information Technologies
This course presents concepts and methods of information technologies applied in systems analysis and design, database management and data communications. Internet technologies used in e-Commerce, multimedia design and production, web page creation and development are explored in-depth
American Culture and Society
This will comprise a series of lectures and outings that will be announced on the bulletin board as the semester progresses. There will be a short final at the end of the semester about topics covered in this course.
Students will work in groups of 4; project aims to give students a feel of the aspects considered in introducing a foreign product into a local market. Students will meet monthly with their project advisor in preparation for their oral presentation and final paper due at the end of the term.
The objective of the internship program is to provide academic training focusing on the realities of a multicultural and interdependent business world. It is an exceptional opportunity for hands-on learning in a multinational company.
Internship placement procedure takes usually 3-4 weeks and consists in writing and sending resume to eventual carefully selected internship-providers companies in accordance with student?s professional preferences and abilities, interviewing by internship supervisors and discussing internship conditions.
The Academic Director supervises students closely throughout the internship.