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Study Abroad

The understanding and appreciation of other cultures are key components of an international business education at MIM. Study abroad within the 6 month Business Studies Certificate Course, 1 Year Business Studies Diploma Course, or International MBA program gives students the exceptional opportunity to live and learn in another country and provides the international perspective necessary to compete in our increasingly global society. Students analyze, compare, and learn how to cope with cross-cultural differences in the business world.
Students have the opportunity to study for one summer, one semester, and/or one year in a European country, including: Spain, England, Ireland, Italy, France, and Germany.
MIM has over 30 international partnerships with numerous universities and business schools abroad.
The following is a list of just some of the possibilities:
6 Month and 1 Year Business Studies and International MBA Program in New York London, Dublin, Berlin, Madrid, and/or Paris
Fashion Design Courses in Paris and London
Graphic Design Courses in Paris
Language Courses in all European centers
As part of the study abroad experience, students are encouraged to work in a company in their country of choice.