Kevin Brotz, J.D.- Business Law- A unique, eclectic, and sophisticated background of excellence and accomplishment in law, business, leadership, teaching, global business education, the fashion business, human resources management, and law enforcement. Holds a J.D. (with high honors) from Rutgers University. Has served as guest lecturer at Weller International Business School and was nominated as a Finalist for 2010 Distinguished Teaching Award.

Tom Coughlan- E-Business- Possesses professional experience in both management and marketing. Previously, served as the College Campus Chair at the University of Phoenix, a role which included ensuring the quality of instruction and consistency in the material presented. He also was the first full-time instructor hired for the undergraduate curriculum at the Fairfield Campus (CT) of the University of Phoenix. He is also the founder of Newbard, a public relations firm.

Lisa Tolliver- Cross-Cultural Communication & Corporate Finance - Results-oriented professional with 20+ years of experience managing, advising and teaching individuals and organizations to plan strategy, manage change, achieve aggressive performance goals and overcome challenges, online and offline. Proven strengths: launching/managing award-winning ventures and teams, resolving conflicts, advising/serving clients and recommending profitable, effective policies and solutions to complex problems. Additionally: published writer and researcher. Honorable distinctions for hosting/producing business and public affairs radio programs, education-training, and community service.


George L De Feis- Corporate Organization and Strategy- Strong executive background with a balance of academia/education, corporate, engineering, association, and not-for-profit organizations. Previous experiences include Executive Director & CEO of the United Chess Federation (USCF) and Executive Director of the American Management Association. He has also authored a textbook titled, “Management Science: A Practical Approach for Today’s Business Management Student.”

Dena Bateh- International Trade & Business Law, International Marketing- her areas of expertise also include Business Strategy, Model United Nations and Organizational Behavior. She obtained her both her B.A. and M.B.A. from Jacksonville University (Florida) and her Ph.D. International Economics from Columbia University completing her doctoral dissertation on Healthcare Improvement in Third World Countries- A Focus on Egypt. Prior to becoming a professor, Dr. Bateh worked extensively in the Pharmaceutical Industry focusing on cardiovascular health.  She is also the co-founder of the American-Egyptian Aid Foundation, a United Nations NGO. 

Maria Elena BoteiSocial Media Management;  background in psychology with 10 years experience in counseling psychology; Master degree in Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy; Albert Ellis Institute Associate Fellow; qualified in Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Therapy;  published psychology research and participated in many international conference in Europe and USA; 10 years experience in Media and 6 years teaching Psychology and Social Media Management.; Social Media Strategist and Mobile Website designer.


Valerie LaneBusiness English- Possesses over twenty years of experience in the financial services industry. Expert in the financial markets with broad product knowledge, strong sales, marketing, and credit skills. Valerie has a strong flair for teaching and excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Also proficient in French and Spanish, Valerie previously taught Business English at the EF International Language Institute in Miami, Florida.

Ammar Sankari- Financial Management- A native of Lebanon, Professor Sankari is also the Founder/CEO of Maliyat Group, an organization that offers seminars on financial subjects to investors worldwide. He also is a television reporter and analyzes the U.S. financial markets live from the NYSE to a worldwide audience. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Union County College and Felician College.

Menahem Rosenberg- Financial Management- An expert in financial markets, investments, financial econometrics, and financial engineering. A Certified CFA, Dr. Rosenberg has been published in the American Economist and Global Business & Economics Review Anthology. He has also served as a Professor at Yeshiva University, Pace University, Baruch College, and Hunter College

Alex Stefan- e-Business, ICTP, Information Technology Systems, Clean-Tech, Solar Technology Management - Possesses professional experience in management, marketing, higher education and research. Over twenty years of experience in the higher education management and technology management. Expert in the clean-tech management and solar technology markets with broad product knowledge, strong sales, and online marketing skills. Alex as MIM director is pushing for new programs and new educational approach.

Olivier Chazoule, professor of Financial Law, EU and International Law, teaches in New York and in the EU, including Paris. He is a lawyer admitted to the Bar in Paris; LLM in Corporate, Banking & Finance from Fordham Law School; MBA from Stern NYU; he wrote several books about international investments and the Laws of Securities, the NYSE and the NASDAQ and is currently consultant in international Finance