Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has MIM been around?
A: MIM was established in 1984. Originally a part of a French school, MIM has expanded its scope and now accepts students both internationally and domestically.

Q: I am an American student. Can I attend MIM? If so, what is needed?
A: Sure, as long as you have already received your Associate’s Degree. See the Current Programs section for further requirements.

Q: I am a foreign student. What kind of visa does MIM provide?
A: MIM will provide you with an M-1 visa upon your acceptance to the school.

Q: What is your In-Company Training Program (ICTP) about?
A: The project enables student team members to apply what they have learned through the program to a real business problem or opportunity. It will enable students to gain practical business exposure and to hone their skills in teamwork, intelligence gathering, and analysis, presenting and selling their ideas.

Q: Are installment plans available for tuition?

A: Yes

Q: When are your semesters?

A: There is a Spring #1, Spring #2, Fall, Summer, and Winter session

Q: Is MIM easy to get to?

A: Absolutely, it is located right in the heart of Wall Street and is accessible by all forms of public transportation.