Business English summer program

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The objective of the Business English summer program is to enable students to communicate comfortably and efficiently in the American business environment. Students will also gain a better understanding of American culture and values.

This program can complete the formation in English that students receive in their home country during the course of their studies. Today, it is very important for young professionals to be able to communicate efficiently in English in a work environment.

- Time: The program will take place during the month of July and August,
for the whole month.
- Cost: The cost of the program in business English is $1350. It does not
include accommodations and some visits.
- Housing: MIM will help you find accommodation here for one month. Finding
an apartment for 1 month in New York can be complicated and hotels are just
so expensive. We work with a real estate agency, and they will find
apartment to share for one month for our students. (between $600 to $800)

Outlined below are topics covered during the class:

Communication: Develop fluency and sophistication in professional communication situations through class discussion and class presentation.

Writing in business: The class will focus on effective organization, appropriate tones and formats for business communication.

Grammatical structures: Practice expressing and interpreting differences in meaning, learn to distinguish differences in closely related grammatical forms, and use new structures.
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