Study Abroad



Enrolling in the Study Abroad program combines the advantages of courses taught by an excellent faculty with the privilege of living and learning in one of Europe’s culturally rich capital cities.
This challenging, rigorous and culturally enriching program is open to all students who value learning about other cultures, and who are willing, through an internship, to live a unique experience while working in a European company.

Courses areas:
The schools offer a range of business courses that include:
- Host country language classes
- Business Law
- European Business Environment
- Finance
- Marketing
- Management
- International Political Economy (I.P.E)
- Business Project
All the classes are taught in English.

The internships are an invaluable opportunity for the students to immerse themselves in the European business environment.

We accept students with the following backgrounds:
To be accepted into the program, students must have previously completed college level course work. ce.

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