Six-Month Intensive Business English with Internship in New York

Come to MIM and study in our innovative Business/English Program. For the first three months you will study English grammar and vocabulary and improve your reading, writing, comprehension and pronunciation. For the final three months you will integrate the business world into your language studies by working an internship in one of the many companies in New York City that will provide a memorable experience and contribute to your future success.

• Communication Skills
• Effective Business Writing
• Grammar and Professional Communication
• TOEIC / GMAT / TOEFL preparation

•  Communications Skills:

Develop fluency and sophistication in professional communication situations through class discussion, class presentation and simulations of meeting and negotiations. This class will include effective telephone use, interviewing, networking.

•  Effective Business Writing:

Master the essential skills for writing in business. The class will focus on effective organization, appropriate tones and formats for business communication. Includes resume, business letters, memos, and short reports.

•  Grammar in Professional  Communication:
Learn to appropriately use advanced grammatical structures both in speaking and writing. In this class, you will practice expressing and interpreting differences in meaning, learn to distinguish differences in closely related grammatical forms, and use new structures. You will use this learning immediately in a series of short writing and speaking tasks on professional topics.

Participation in one internship at a US firm in New York is required for the successful completion of the 6 month Intensive Business English. The internship is an essential aspect of the program and provides students with the practical experience and skills needed for success in future careers. Admission Requirements: We accept students with the following backgrounds: Students with a high school diploma or its equivalent and who have successfully completed at least one college course

-Students in their 2nd or 3rd year of completing their Bachelor's degree or equivalent
-Students who have acquired or are in the process of acquiring an Associate degree
-Students with a high school diploma or its equivalent.
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Start Dates
September / January / March / Summer session 

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