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Does your future include a Master in Business Administration (MBA) ?

The Program is designed for students wanting to pursue MBA or other graduate-level studies in business-related fields. The Pre-MBA classes develop students' business concepts and vocabulary, academic skills essential for MBA programs, and an understanding of American business systems.

Contemporary U.S. Culture
International Accounting
International Marketing
Legal environment of Business
International Business Finance

Contemporary U.S. Culture
This course covers U.S. cultural development from the 1920s till today. Contemporary cultural phenomena such as Jazz, Vaudeville theater performances, sports, bootlegging, Hollywood, Disney Land, literature of Beatniks, sexual revolution, rock festivals are analyzed as well as such concepts as American dream, segregation, civil disobedience, entertainment culture, pop aesthetics. A distinction between work culture and entertainment culture is made. Thus, a paradigm of protestant work imperative is incorporated into work and leisure dichotomy. The emphasis is on dynamics of American culture which is in a constant flux between entertainment, fun, pleasure, hedonistic motive and work, saving, and protestant conservative attitude. Aims and objectives: The course outlines the characteristics of contemporary U.S. culture from a philosophical point of view, i.e. reflecting cultural phenomena instead of merely becoming familiar with them as the main objective is to comprehend the core of American experience.
International Accounting
The dramatic expansion of international trade and finance requires business people in many disciplines to understand accounting and governance in multinational enterprises, the structure and accounting implications of international transactions, financial reporting and securities regulation in non-U.S. settings, and international taxation. This course uses a mixture of lectures and cases to explore these topics. In addition to internationalizing the student's perspective on accounting, governance and regulation, the course broadens and deepens the view of accounting that one typically obtains in an introductory course.
International Business Finance
The basic concepts and principles of finance will be reviewed before participants gain exposure to the tools and mechanisms used to make sound financing decisions. Topics include the role of insurance; hedging and other financial mechanisms; developing robust payment solutions for exporting and importing; and e-commerce tools in international trade. A review of the principal financial institutions that assist international trade both in the U.S. and among principal U.S. trading partners will also be provided.
International Marketing
Company survival and growth in the coming years will require a move toward global marketing and its many potential rewards and risks. This course examines the challenge of entering and operating effectively in foreign markets. Decisions must be made regarding international marketing objectives, strategies and policies, foreign market selection, adaptation of products, distribution channels of communications to fit each foreign market, and systems of international marketing organization, information gathering, planning and control. Marketing reports for major countries will be prepared to offer valuable insights, as well as tips and techniques for marketing products and services in a specific country. The term project calls for each student or student team to develop a marketing plan for the successful marketing of a specific product to a specific foreign country chosen by the students.
Legal environment of Business
This course will provide a basic understanding of the American legal system, including court procedure and the different substantive areas of law. Areas of study include constitutional law, business ethics, tort law, negligence, contract law, agency law, corporate law, and employment law. The course facilitates an understanding of the judicial system as well as how courts interpret and apply common bodies of law which regulate business practices. This provides a solid foundation upon which business decisions may be made in consideration of legal ramifications.

Participation in one internship at a US firm in New York is required for the successful completion of the pre-MBA. The internship is an essential aspect of the program and provides students with the practical experience and skills needed for success in future careers.

We accept students with the following backgrounds: Students with a graduate degree who wish to incorporate an MBA.
Students experience a rigorous academic course of study and are tested and graded in accordance with graduate school guidelines.
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