Students at M.I.M follow an academic program, which includes a wide choice of core and elective courses as well as supervised internships with major American companies. The core courses include the topics traditional for American business school programs. The elective courses give the students the possibility to study in-depth some topics of their choice in various areas.

The M.I.M. internship program provides students vital insights into a career field. The practical experience in an increasingly competitive world is an invaluable addition to classroom learning. International work experience will help to test out a career opportunities while stretching interests and abilities in new ways.

M.I.M. offers a unique opportunity to work in a different culture to develop personal skills and strengths. The students of M.I.M. will be completely integrated to the American society, its system of values and perspectives.



M.I.M. will provide students with helpful information to find private rooms ranging from $500-$1,500 a month rent. New York is expensive and students should plan accordingly.

As a guideline meals can range from $20-$30 a day; public transportation fares at about $65 a month. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? Further in formation is available upon request.