" An exceptional opportunity for hands-on learning in a multinational company"

The objective of the internship program is to provide academic training focusing on the realities of a multicultural and interdependent business world.                                                                                                                                                                                         Upon their arrival at M.I.M., students will interview with preselected companies. M.I.M. supervises students closely throughout the internship.

Placements with companies such as:                                                                                                                                                                            Adidas, AEFFE, Bosselli Studio, Cariplo Bank, Chanel, Elite Models, Emporio Armani Boutique, Euroconsult, Fashion Studio, Fendi Stores Inc., Fulcrum Arts Gallery, Greenberg Marion Inc., Gucci America, Hotel Sofitel North America, KCSA, Italian Trade Commission, Knitting Factory, Laforge & Stevens, Lalique, Max Mara, Merrill Lynch, New York Habitat, OTC, Prada, PVA International, Sky Express Travel Services, SRS Hotel, Telecom Italia, World Watch Publishing Inc., Voga etc.

Clarissa: " Working in New York is one of the most valuable experience that a student can ever be given. My internship at M.I.M was a real exciting and challenging job."






Nenad: "American environment is quite different, especially at working
places. During my internship I was in touch with people highly motivated, hard working, job-oriented. It is the American way to work and I appreciated it."



Natasa: “New York is a city of action! It's fast and full of energy, the best place to be trained for your future professional career. M.I.M. helped me just to do it!”




Antoine: "An internship at American company is very important part of the M.I.M. program and the best way to increase your professional skills and learn more about the well-known American efficiency and accuracy.”




"Welcome to virtual American education for the new Millennium"

In the new millennium M.I.M. proposes to students matriculated at foreign universities a new American product - online courses and internships in the Internet Business Industry.

Students outside of the United States without leaving their country have access to virtual American higher education, which is the best in such a cutting edge area as e-Business. Virtual Internships are also available at American Internet companies with activities such as E-commerce, Advertising, Marketing and Website development.