Winning Web Wars

Class 1 Web wars. How they are led, won, and lost
Class 2 Phantom Menace: Business as usual: competition on and off the Internet
Class 3 Jubba the Hut: Winning and losing strategies. Case studies.
Class 4 Princess Lea: Kisses of death on the Internet
Class 5 Luke Skywalker: Using the Force in competition
Class 6 General Solo: Greed is good. Case studies.
Class 7 Wookie Chubakka: It's in details...
Class 8 Empire Strikes Back: Wars among giants. Case studies.
Class 9 Death Star: Restructuring, regrouping, redesigning, reviving
Class 10 Yoda: Afraid be not. Conclusion and business implications

Students will fulfil 3 homework assignments, and will participate in discussion groups with their peers. Intensive Internet surfing is involved, as well as extensive skimming of technologies. Students will chat with the instructor in real time using FireTalk or ICQ.

Grades will be based on: 3 homework assignments (20% each), and discussion groups' participation (40%).