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Online internship at American companies involved in the Internet-based industries provides valuable knowledge and skills in this area without the traditional constraints of time and space.

To ensure efficient virtual internship you need to have at least basic computer skills and some experience with the Internet and e-mail. Before starting the internship you will undergo a preliminary test to check up your abilities to work in the field.

If the test shows you need some helpful knowledge you have a possibility to be enrolled into optional MIM online courses related to the Internet Business.

MIM instructor can help you to choose appropriate online courses. There is possibility to follow MIM online courses before starting online internship or simultaneously with it.

To follow online internship you will need an Internet access, preferably a recent web browser (Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer are recommended) and also an email account. For getting the email account we recommend Hotmail, a free Web-based email service.

To start searching for your internship MIM needs your resume. In the United States, resume is obligatory for obtaining a job, internship, and even an initial interview. Typically, a resume will consist of one page, including brief information about you, your internship objectives, educational background, work experience and relevant skills (languages, computer skills, etc.)

MIM instructor can discuss with you ways to make your resume attractive and acceptable to your prospective internship providers.

The resume will be sent to the American companies providing internship once a good match to your personal preferences, education, skills, and abilities is found.

You will either get some online appointments to discuss your future duties and tasks with internship supervisors of the companies looking for interns like you, or will communicate with them via email.

Upon mutual approval by both sides - an intern and a company - the internship can start.

The companies offering unpaid virtual internship give students meaningful, real business assignment challenging their creativity and competence. Students receive and fulfill the assignments and provide results to a company via the Internet.

Students have a possibility, if they need, to contact MIM instructor for getting information and tips helpful for internship.

The company is monitoring studentís activities and provides at the end of the internship an evaluation with grades and a reference letter confirming internship completion.

The online internship, as any internship, is based on a teaching-by-doing principle. Internship providerís company will teach you investing companyís staff time, experience and energy in your development. In return, the company would want your contribution in such spheres as market research, reporting, web site development, etc. during your internship.

Depending on the company's needs and preferences, and on your agreement, a typical length of your internship will be from 2 to 4 months. Of course, exceptions are possible by mutual agreements.

At the end of the online internship you will get a Reference Letter from the company, which provided the internship. 

MIM will provide you also an Internship Completion Form that would contain your grades and confirm your internship completion.

After the completion, you can put the virtual internship on your resume as work experience - this will be very helpful for your future job search, especially if you are planning to continue your career in an Internet-based business.

Upon successful completion of an virtual internship, if your contribution to company is evaluated by internship supervisor as a valuable one, you can be remunerated by company through MIM.

To register for online internship you should fill out and submit the Application Form and your resumeand wait for an acceptance letter.