Manhattan Institute of Management

New York, New York


Manhattan Institute of Management

"A Business Institute designed to integrate you into the American Business World"

From its inception in 1984, the Manhattan Institute of Management (MIM) has offered training programs in American management methods to students matriculated at foreign universities.

MIM is a not-for-profit educational institution located in the heart of New York City’s financial district. MIM provides short-term programs combining coursework taught in English with internships at a major American firm.

MIM has trained over 3,000 university students from 40 countries. Its alumnae hold management positions in both local and multinational firms all over the world.

After completing their program at MIM, students return to their home campuses to complete their degrees.

MIM provides students with:

Academic Programs

"MIM opens career opportunities in a challenging business world that demands knowledge of global business and economic trends"

MIM’s academic and internship experiences have been designed to allow students to build on the curriculum of their schools of origin.

International business is studied through an overview of the current problems and methods related to international business operations.

The MIM program focuses on the basic tools of analysis in international business operations and the international business environment.

The program provides a wide choice of core and elective courses.

Core courses include:

Elective courses are typically related to Management in such areas as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Tourism & Hospitality, Sports & Leisure, Public Relations & Communication, Entertainment & Events, Music, and Art & Heritage.

MIM draws on the rich resources of the city for its academic expertise with professors from local universities and business professionals teaching courses and consulting with students.

Internship Programs

"An exceptional opportunity for hands-on learning in a multinational company"

The objective of the internship program is to provide practical training focusing on the realities of a multicultural and interdependent business world.

On their arrival at MIM, students interview with pre-selected companies. MIM supervises students closely throughout the internship.

Placement with companies such as:

Adidas, AEFFE, Bosselli Studio, Cariplo Bank, Chanel, Chloé-Valentine, Elite Models, Emporio Armani Boutique, Euroconsult, Fashion Studio, Fendi Stores, Fulcrum Arts Gallery, Grenberg Marion Inc., Gucci America, Hotel Sofitel North America, KCSA, Italian Trade Commission, Knitting Factory, Laforge & Stevens, Lalique, Max Mara, Merrill Lynch, New York Habitat, OTC, Prada, PVA International, Sky Express Travel Services, SRS Hotel, World Watch Publishing , Voga, etc.

Online Courses and Internships

"Welcome to virtual American education for the new Millenium"

In the new Millenium MIM proposes to students matriculated at foreign universities a new American product – online courses and internships in the Internet Business Industry.

Students outside of the United States without leaving their country have access to virtual American higher education, which is the best in such cutting edge area as Internet Business. Virtual internships are also available at American Internet companies with activities such as e-commerce, advertising, marketing, Wet site development.

MIM International Network

"Become a citizen of the world"

Students enter MIM through international partnerships with carefully selected local Institutes and Universities listed below.

The MIM programs were inserted in their programs as a part of local BBA and MBA type programs.

  1. Etudes Superieures Appliquees Aux Affaires (ESA3, Paris, France)
  2. WELLER, Ecole Superieure du Developpement d’Entreprises, (Paris, France)
  3. European School of Economics (ESE, Rome, Italy)
  4. University of Barcelona (San Pablo C.E.U., Barcelona, Spain)
  5. Escuala de Administracion de Empresas de Barcelona (EAE, Barcelona, Spain)
  6. Universidad de Deusto (San Sebastian, Spain)
  7. University of Vienna, International Business Department (Vienna, Austria)
  8. Fachhochschule fur Technik und Wirtshaft (FHTW, Berlin, Germany)
  9. Georg-Simon-Ohm Polytechnic (Nurnberg, Germany)
  10. Fachhochschule (Munich, Germany)
  11. Fachhochschule (Koln, Germany)
  12. Faculty of International Management (FIM, Belgrade, Yugoslavia)
  13. Saint-Petersburg State Technical University (SPSTU, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  14. Qingdao Institute of Architecture and Engineering (Qingdao, China)
  15. Hanoi University of Business and Management (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Schedule: Students receive credits from their home institutions for their work at MIM as partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree programs into which they are matriculated.

MIM programs are available as follows:

Housing: MIM will provide students with helpful information to find private rooms ranging from $500 to $1,500 a month rent.

New York can be expensive; students should plan accordingly.

As a guideline meals can range from $20-$30 a day; public transportation fares at about $65 a month.

Further information is available upon request.

Admission Guidelines: Students are referred to MIM directly or through their home institutions based on:

Application Procedure:

Application form is available online, [hyperlink] or will be sent.

Contact MIM directly at

Manhattan Institute of Management

99 Hudson Street, 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10013


Phone: 1 212-625-9483

Fax: 1 212-431-0420


Upon acceptance students will be sent a signed I-20 form which allows students to obtain an M-I student visa for the full duration of the semester.

Students must remit full tuition within 15-30 days of their acceptance.

For further information email: [email protected] or contact 1212-625-9483

MIM: An American Experience

"A Business Institute designed to integrate you into the American Business World"

Your Academic, business and social experience with other international students while at MIM will be rewarding, challenging and enriching.

The wide range of courses at MIM, combined with the unique challenge to work in an American company make MIM the ideal study abroad choice.

We look forward to having you join us here at MIM!

MIM Team