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Dear Prospective Intern,

How often do you think about a possibility of studies and internship abroad?

And how about acquiring knowledge and skills in such soaring American industry as the Internet business and getting connections in Silicon Alley companies located in New York or in Silicon Valley companies in California?

And all this without any American visa, any living, transportation, insurance, and other usual expenses rather costly in the United States.

For students of the New Millennium Manhattan Institute of Management (M.I.M.), an American non-profit academic institution, proposes new product: online courses and internship in Internet Business industry available anywhere and anytime.

Online teaching concept consists of the new learning student-centered environment without constraints upon time and location of a student's studies.

MIM virtual teaching approach is based upon the following features:

- individual personalized approach to customize the course to a student in accordance with student's preferences and capacities,

- real-time communication with instructor and other students to interact face-to-face, to share learning experience, and to create international studentsí community spirit,

- continuous student's evaluation for motivating her/him to follow the study successfully,

- virtual internship with American companies simultaneously or following the courses as teaching-by-doing to get valuable professional skills and experience.

MIM virtual program provides to students outside of the United States an access to American higher education, the best one in such cutting edge and advanced industry as the Internet Business, and to internship at American Internet companies.

The companies providing virtual internship give students meaningful, real business assignment challenging their creativity and competence. At the end of internship, the companies provide a Reference Letter confirming internship completion.

American online experience, knowledge taught by American instructors and skills acquired at American companies will guarantee students' successful professional career.

To ensure efficient online learning a student must have basic computer skills and some experience with the Internet and e-mail.

The internship finding services are free for you and in many cases, companies would want to remunerate you through MIM if your contribution to company is evaluated as valuable one.

For more information, please go to button  Online Intermnship.

If you find our proposal appealing, please reply in any way convenient

1. either by calling with questions (1 212 625 9483 in New York) 

2. or by emailing for more information (),

3. or (preferred) by downloading, filling and sending MIM Application Form.

Thank you very much for your time! We look forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Dr. Anthony Vlasov, Academic Director