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Dear Colleagues,

If you need highly motivated and skillful workforce, eager to pick up any task related to your business (such as market research, database creation, web site development, etc.) who will never take any space in your office, nor will even use your computers or add to any other bills - then the following is for you.

Manhattan Institute of Management (M.I.M.) is an American non-profit academic institution founded in 1984 to offer training programs in Management to students matriculated at foreign universities. Since its inception, MIM has trained over 4,000 university students from 40 different countries.

For students of the New Millenium MIM proposes a new product - online courses and internship in the Internet-based businesses. Students come to MIM through partnership with prominent European business schools, which integrate MIM programs into their own programs as a Study Abroad. After a few years of undergraduate and graduate studies, students have an appropriate level of business English and are schooled in basics of finance, marketing, advertising, e-Business, etc.

These MIM students are offered to you (for monthly payments of $500 for each) as virtual interns: with their time, energy, creativity, skills, rich and diverse international background, including their valuable local market knowledge, and with helpful contacts with local companies in their countries. Payments will be done to MIM upon your evaluation of quality of work delivered by an intern as matching to your expectations.

We will select the students best fitting your company profile and the function you intend to assign to them and send their resumes to you. You can interview them online, if you wish. Upon your approval the students will start a virtual internship in your company. During a few months of the internship they will work on tasks assigned by you, and will communicate with you via the Internet under control and with assistance provided by MIM.

MIM students are looking at the internship as an opportunity to get virtual working experience related to the Internet business and references useful for their future career.

Some of them consider the virtual internship as a preliminary stage for an on-site internship later, within the context of MIM programs provided in New York, in your company, if you wish, or in another company.

The single thing required from you for cooperation is to fill the virtual internship Information Form.

If you wish to receive more information, please reply in any way convenient by either:

- calling with questions (212 625 9483)

- or emailing for more information ()

Thank you very much for your time! We look forward to serving your needs.

Best regards,

Dr. Anthony Vlasov

Academic Director