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Students at M.I.M follow an academic program, which includes a wide choice of core and elective courses as well as supervised internships with major American companies. The core courses include the topics traditional for American business school programs with strong focus on e-Business. The elective courses give the students the possibility to study in-depth some topics of their choice in various areas.

The M.I.M. internship program provides students vital insights into a career field. The practical experience in an increasingly competitive world is an invaluable addition to classroom learning. International work experience will help to test out a career opportunities while stretching interests and abilities in new ways.

M.I.M. offers a unique opportunity to work in a different culture to develop personal skills and strengths. The students of M.I.M. will be completely integrated to the American society, its system of values and perspectives.

Natasa: "New York is a city of action!It's fast and full of energy, the bestplace to be trained for your futureprofessional career. M.I.M. helped me just to do it!"

Ivana: "At arrival, I was completely lost in this huge, powerful, gorgeous city, theBig Apple. While studies atM.I.M. I was searching for my own place here. I got it and I admire New York."

Dusan: "Arriving at New YorkI got impression that hereeverybodyand everythingwere goingtoo fast: people,job, food, entertainment,studies. Firstly,I was a bit scared, but laterI like it."

Maja: "At first glance, Americans are money-minded people living and working under permanent stress.

While my studies at M.I.M. I learnt a lot, changed my mind and now I can evaluate them more objectively."

Clarissa: " Working in New York is one of the most valuable experience that a student can ever be given. My internship at M.I.M was a real exciting and challenging job."

Antoine: "An internship at American company is very important part of the M.I.M. program and the best way to increase your professional skills and learn more about the well-known American efficiency and accuracy.