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"Become a citizen of the world"


The most part of the students was enrolled in M.I.M. programs through international partnership with carefully selected overseas Institutes and Universities. 

The M.I.M. programs were usually inserted in their local programs as a part of BBA and MBA type programs.     

M.I.M. is developing its international contacts through offering new programs and products adjusted to needs of existing partners and establishing a partnership with new partners interested in mutually profitable cooperation with M.I.M.

The members of M.I.M. international network are listed below.

1.        WELLER, Ecole Superieure du Developpement d’Entreprises (Paris, 


2.   European Business School (Paris, France)

3.   ESA3 (Paris, France)

4.   Daudet International (Montpellier, France)

5.        European School of Economics (ESE, Rome, Italy)

6.        University of Barcelona (San Pablo C.E.U., Barcelona, Spain)

7.        Escuala de Administracion de Empresas de Barcelona (EAE,

      Barcelona, Spain)

8.        Universidad de Deusto (San Sebastian, Spain)

9.        University of Vienna, International Business Department  (Vienna,


10.        Fachhochschule fur Technik und Wirtshaft (FHTW, Berlin, Germany)

11.     Georg-Simon-Ohm Fachhochschule (Nurnberg, Germany)

12.     Fachhochschule (Munich, Germany)

13.     Fachhochschule (Koln, Germany)

14.     Faculty of International Management (FIM, Belgrade, Yugoslavia)

15.     Saint-Petersburg State Technical University (SPSTU, 

      Saint-Petersburg, Russia)  

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