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Manhattan Institute of Management (M.I.M.), American not-for-profit academic institution founded in 1984 to train students in the field of International Management, has become a well-recognized educational establishment around the world.

From its inception in 1984, M.I.M. has trained over 3,500 university students from 40 countries. Its alumnae hold management positions in both local and multinational firms all over the world.

Actually M.I.M. is offering a large range of long and short term training programs in Management and e-Business to both American and international students.

The Internet is changing the way business is conducted through new concepts, methods, and tools that apply across all business disciplines.

To meet the increasing demand for managers and executives in the fast growing Internet world, M.I.M. has created unique programs with strong focus on e-Business.Κ

The M.I.M. programs are customized to both American and international students and their attractiveness for them is based on the following points:

- the programs offer not only mandatory core courses but a large scale of optional elective courses,

- the programs include an internship at American companies that gives students unique possibility to get working experience at New York, the world capital in management, finance and information technology,

- the programs for international students are short-term ones easily integrated in their local BBA or MBA type programs,

- tuition fees of the programs are competitive at American higher education market.Κ


M.I.M. fully leverages the Internet as an advanced medium to offer courses and internships, for both onsite and online learning.

M.I.M. Placement office helps students identify and select the best job offers in accordance with their professional and financial objectives, thanks to M.I.M.’s extensive alumni and companies network.

M.I.M., located in downtown Manhattan, just minutes from Wall Street district, provides dynamic, challenging and uniquely rich multicultural environment supportive to study and learn international business methods.




"You are welcome at M.I.M. to experience the Internet Revolution, to live your American Dream."

Neta Tal

Academic Director

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