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" A Business Institute designed to integrate you into the American Business World"

Your academic, business, and social experiences with other international students while at M.I.M. will be rewarding, challenging and enriching.


The wide range of courses at M.I.M. with strong focus to e-Business, combined with the unique challenge of working in an American company make M.I.M. the ideal study abroad choice.

M.I.M. Alumnae share with you their exciting American experience gained during their studies at M.I.M.:


Natasa: "New York is a city of action! It's fast and full of energy, the best place to be trained for your future professional career. M.I.M. helped me just to do it!"





Ivana: "At arrival, I was completely lost in this huge, powerful, gorgeous city, the Big Apple. 

While studies at  M.I.M. I was searching for my own place here. I got it and I admire New York."





Dusan: "Arriving at New York  I got impression that here everybody and everything were going too fast: people, job, food, entertainment, studies. Firstly, I became a bit scared, but later I like it."  












Maja: "At first glance, Americans are money-minded people living and working under permanent stress.

While my studies at M.I.M. I learnt a lot, changed my mind and now I can evaluate them more objectively."






Dominique: “The US, in general, and New York,            Stefan: “During my stay at MIM in New York

in particular, offer you a lot of new business                  I have discovered new the Internet-based 

opportunities, easy contacts with business people,         market, new ideas, a lot of multicultural 

more chances to start up your own business.                differences, and necessity to have an open-

I took my chance here and launched my                       mindness enabling to make money upon it,

own e-Business.”                                                     to realize the American Dream.”


Frederick: “My feeling is that there is a dawn of the new Internet-based civilization in the US, the communicating civilization, where everyone communicates another through the Internet independently of their race, culture, age, sex and religion. The world is really becoming a World Village.”



Loic: “During my studies at M.I.M. I got impression that regardless the American way of life is quite different from the European one, the job culture in Europe and the US are pretty similar nowadays.”    






We look forward to having you join us here at the M.I.M.