New York International MBA

M.I.M is an institution with a specific mission: providing the international student with the necessary skills to climb the ladder of success and make a difference in the world.
The success of the innovative International MBA program at M.I.M is based on offering students an opportunity to spend a semester studying overseas followed by an internship in an international company.
Excellence in the program is achieved by MIM’s highly qualified faculty offering courses which teach the business practices of the three major geo-economic zones of the world: Asia, Europe and the United States of America. Students are introduced to the latest trends in the global economy by practicing professionals.
At the end of this program the student will receive a Master Degree from a European Business School.
For Students who wish to enhance their opportunities in the international business environment, MIM offers language courses in French, Spanish and Chinese.


First semester in New York ( October – March )

• Financial Management
• International Marketing Management
• Accounting
• International Business Law
• IT ( e- business )
• Human Resources
• Macro / Micro Economics
• Fundamentals of Management
• Cross Cultural Management

Second Semester in Europe:

• A semester abroad in Europe studying European business practices

The program requires an internship at the end of the courses.


The course focuses on financial markets and financial management in such areas as international business, institutional finance, and banking. Internet applications for banking trading, and financial transactions are explored.
This course introduces the marketing concept, and the nature of marketing management. After taking this course, students should understand the core concepts of marketing, and marketing management, know how to analyze marketing opportunities and to plan marketing programs, understand how to analyze consumer, and buying behavior and how to organize, implement, evaluate and control the marketing function.
Designed to develop an understanding of accounting principles for users of accounting information. The course looks at how users of financial information interpret accounting reports when making business decisions. The emphasis is on profitability concepts and performance evaluation. Coverage is not restricted to the existing U.S. model but includes a broad discussion of measurement issues and alternative country practices
The course is designed to teach the basic principles of commercial law and other relevant legal issues for international managers. Students will develop a critical approach to spotting and analyzing common issues in business law. The course will expose the students to the legal challenges faced by corporate decision makers and commercial lawyers operating in an international setting.
The course presents concepts and methods of information technologies applied in systems analysis and design, database management and data communications. Internet technologies used in e-commerce, multimedia design and production, web page creation and development are explored in depth.
Human resources may be the most important organizational area in the firm. Students in this course will explore major issues in human behavior within organizations. Theories and concepts of human behavior, communication, motivation, group processes, leadership, change conduct and business ethics are studied.
This course covers the fundamentals of macroeconomics. Analysis of traditional macroeconomic models and understanding economic policy choices are the goals of this course. The appropriate role of government intervention is examined, and basic analytical tools are applied to current economic problems.
The objective of this course is to familiarize students with the knowledge, roles, responsibilities, and skills required of managers in the twenty-first century. Individual and small group case analyses are an integral part of the course.


A SEMESTER IN EUROPEAN BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Students are given the exceptional opportunity to live and learn in another country, which provides them with the international perspective necessary to compete in our increasingly global society. Students analyze, compare, and learn how to cope with cross-cultural differences in the business world. d.

An undergraduate or master level degree in management and/or liberal arts is required
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